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Industrial Service and Repair Centre:

In our Industrial Service and Repair Centre we have a range of specialised services dedicated to repair, refurbishment and test of industrial equipment and components.

Our services include:

  • Industrial Re-conditioning – Full assessment with timescale completed in house or on site

  • Critical Cleaning – Removal of contaminants from components using a range of methods such as Ultrasonic Cleaning, Biological Cleaning, Pressure/Steam Cleaning.

Industrial Repair:

We have been repairing industrial parts for more than 20 years and have expanded to process thousands of different types of parts in our 8000 sq ft facility. All parts are functionally tested on our custom built test rigs, our repair capabilities include:

  • Vacuum Pumps (rotary claw, dry vane, oil filled, diaphragm etc)

  • Conveyors, rollers and drive systems

  • Pneumatic cylinders, valves and motors

  • Electric motors, fans, heaters and blowers

  • Gearboxes, cone reducers and parts indexers

  • Water/Fluid Pumps (centrifugal, lobe, scroll, vane, gear, diaphragm etc)

  • Temperature controllers, thermo-regulators and cooling systems

  • Uninterruptable power supplies

  • Fluid control valves and actuators

  • Filter cleaning and regeneration

  • Electronics in conjunction with our partners (LCD & Touch Panels, Kiosks & Tablet PCs, POS Systems, Hand Held Computers, HMI & SCADA, IT Equipment and Power Supplies)